Sunshine and Diamonds Cleaning and Personal Services LLC.

 We can turn any cloudy situation into Sun an make it Shine like Diamonds.

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Here at Sunshine and Diamonds Cleaning and Personal Services LLC. we want our clientele to know that the decision is theirs. Sunshine and Diamonds Cleaning and Personal Services LLC. isn't just a cleaning service we are a family that understands the need of a little help every now and again. No one person can do everything that needs to be done its just not enough time in one day, and that's were we come in. Our wide variety of services will enable you to spend the time you do have on the things you want to do while one of our qualified staff members facilitate those things on your "TO DO" list. We have a customization service chart that allows our clientele to make their service chart to fit their specific needs, as we do understand no one family is the same, and change is constant. We aim to Motivate Educate and Inspire our clients to take back their home and family. Those times we want our children sleeping soundly in their bed but we have to "work a double" leaving our children at the daycare center isn't something that can be negotiated... until now. If you cant be there to see that winning shot at your child's basketball game one of our staff will be able to capture that moment for you. Kindly enough were here to help.