Sunshine and Diamonds Cleaning and Personal Services LLC.

 We can turn any cloudy situation into Sun an make it Shine like Diamonds.

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Cleaning an Laundry


Common areas $35  per area

1-3 rooms combo $350
                                                  3-5 rooms combo $550
                                                  Whole house $1060


**Commercial properties are priced by square

footage and number of rooms.

**Estimate required for all commercial properties. 

1-3 loads $60
4-6 loads $90

7-10 loads $120 and up
Whole house or more $125 and up

**All prices are subject to change based on room size,and square footage**

Personal Assistant

$15 dollars per hour

$25 dollars a day

$125 per week


One flat rate per hour and subjects

$15 an hour for two subjects any time needed or subjects added will be $15 for each.